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Q: Do clinical trials ever go wrong?

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Prototype devices

It is recognized that a manufacturer may wish to submit a small number  of "prototype models" of a device to clinical investigation in order to assess safety and/or performance; and those such prototypes may need to undergo a number of changes prior to large-scale production.

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 Subject :Urgently Required Medical Director for an Early-Phase/Proof-of-Concept.. 2010-07-16 10:58:12 
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Subject :Urgently Required Medical Director for an Early-Phase/Proof-of-Concept(POC) Unit,India

Dear Friends,

Outstanding opportunity now available for a qualified leader to become the Medical Director of the Medanta Duke Research Institute (MDRI), an early-phase, Proof-of-Concept (POC) collaboration between Duke University and Medanta – The Medicity, a premier healthcare facility in Gurgaon, India. The Medical Director oversees a 60-bed POC unit within a new, state-of-the-art, 1,500-bed tertiary and multi-specialty quaternary care facility.  The Unit focuses on industry and academic biomedical research, and the Medical Director will provide strategic and operational oversight of all research and education/training activities. The Unit is poised to become a regional and global leader in providing innovative solutions to sponsors and investigators in early phase and POC clinical trials.  The applicant should be an MD (or equivalent) with at least 5 years experience in either academic or industry First-In-Man/Phase-I/Early-Phase/POC clinical research environments.  Additional education or training in Clinical Pharmacology is desired, not required.  Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and CV to 

Please find attached document for details.

Kind regards,

Susan Clayton
Assistant to Robert M. Califf, MD
Vice Chancellor for Clinical Research
Duke University Medical Center
Director, Duke Translational Medicine Institute
1117 Davison Building, Box 3701
Durham, NC  27710
Tel:  (919) 668-8820
Fax: (919) 668-7103

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